Around the age of four, I began to draw pictures of birds, leaves, twigs, and stones, a practice that continues to the present day. During and after art school, there was a period when I made paintings of people that took up twelve feet or more of gallery wall space. At some point though, I recognized that I’d known what kind of artist I wanted to be when scribbling away on cheap construction paper on my mother’s kitchen floor, and returned to drawing birds, leaves, twigs, and stones, only on better paper. I make my paper, and all drawings are on handmade flax, kozo, and abaca papers. I also make handmade books. 

I teach other people to draw things and make books at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where I have been a professor since 1998.


Some clients:


Fidelity Investments


The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

Martha Stewart Inc.                                                         

Fleet National Bank

Digital Equipment Corp

Jordan Marsh

Snapple Beverages


Ocean Spray

State Street Bank

Massachusetts State Lottery

Star Market


T.J. Maxx

New England Aquarium

Harvard University

Roger Williams Zoo


Museum of Science, Boston

New England Medical Center


The Boston Globe


Audubon Magazine

Scientific American Magazine

Cricket Magazine           

Dunkin Donuts

B.P. Oil International

The Mayo Clinic    


Addison Wesley



Houghton Mifflin

Golden Books

G.K. Hall